About Aurora Foreclosures

The purpose of this blog is to call attention to Aurora Loan Services (formerly, Lehman Brothers) and their response to homeowners seeking home loan modification. This blog site is intended to facilitate communication between and among homeowners seeking options to address their grievances and issues relating to loan modification and the typical response of foreclosure and loss…

  1. lawgrace says:


    “Media headlines are abuzz with what is going down with foreclosure mills in Florida, particularly foreclosure mill baron, Attorney David J. Stern. Unscrupulous foreclosures are more criminally exploitive than what becomes reported; it is not easy to detect nor prove. Even so, appalling collection abuses have resulted in foreclosure lawyers (or their affiliates) obtaining ownership of fraudulently foreclosed properties via purported bids at “simulated” auctions. Certain fraudulently auctioned properties become “flipped” illegally to Freddie Mac. Some mill lawyers file into court records fee-making pleadings (summary judgments, etc) when Freddie Mac is not party to cases, and they bill $$$$ fees pretending to represent Freddie Mac. Unfortunately, Louisiana is not Florida. Here in this State, fraudulent foreclosure activities are easy to prove. However, for decades, as manifest throughout this website, foreclosure mills have the full cooperation and applause of the federal and state court systems in Louisiana.

    Another thing is that, through falsified Bankruptcy Court pleadings, some foreclosure mill lawyers wrongfully, illegally impede homeowners’ entitlement to restructure debts, and impede discovery of the actual owners of mortgage notes. Such lawyers file falsified bankruptcy “Lift Stay” motions in names of either defunct lenders or lenders with no ownership of property notes. To the contrary, bankruptcy “lift stays” should not be granted to “movers” which lack “standing” since “ranking” and “secured debt” factors come into play. Accordingly, false bankruptcy pleadings not only help accomplish illegal repossession of bankruptcy debtors’ homes, any other creditors whom debtors owe, becomes deprived wrongfully of its entitled share of proceeds from the property auction sale. Also, there are problems of ILLEGITIMATE “deficiency judgments” against the defaulted homeowners, and third party debt-buyers / collection agents seeking money because unfairly low auction bids resulted in large remaining balances.

    Plus, there is proof. . .”

    **entire article @ http://www.lawgrace.org/2010/08/14/foreclosure-mills-judicial-fraud-consumer-exploitation-government-shams/

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