Consumer Comment… Short sale debacle with Aurora Loan

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Foreclosure
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Ripoff Report
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Report: Aurora Loan Services

Reported By: Chuck (Landrum South Carolina)

United States of America

Aurora Loan Services (800-550-0508) Dawn ext.1424 who NEVER returns calls Supervisors who Never answer nor call you back— ever Melissa who is Hatefull !! IDIOTS they don`t even know or follow their own paperwork Littleton , Colorado

*Consumer Comment… Short sale debacle with Aurora Loan

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Aurora Loan Services

2617 College Park Scottsbluff NE 69363
Littleton Colorado 80217
United States of America
Phone:  800-550-0508
Web Address:

Category: Loan Modification

Submitted: Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last posting: Monday, June 07, 2010

My wife and I applied for a Fed Gov home morgage modification via Aurora Loan Services ie:Lehman Bros and Freddie Mac. We complied with all their requirement (payments on time) were denied the received a letter of denial. Our next letter from them informed us we were past-due to the tune of $ 8517.00. after calling coustomer service 15 times (no help at all) and three loan officers who gave us different answers from 1800 dollars to 5117 dollars.I was told we owed fees penalties and we are behind 2 to 4 months on our payments.You can never get through to anyone with sence enough to add or read their owne paperwork. OH the reason we were denied was income too low. DUH !!! this is what the program is for.
I think their SCAM is to scare people into paying them with the threat of forclosure !! I would love to start a class action suite against these crooks if anyone is interested. It`s sad to think of the people that loose their homes because they don`t know how and are too busy to fight !!!!!

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