Aurora Loan Services former Lehman Brothers Sold home out from underneath us, WITHOUT NOTICE!

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Foreclosure

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Report: Aurora Loan Services

Reported By: L (Santa Maria California)

United States of America

Aurora Loan Services former Lehman Brothers Sold home out from underneath us, NO NOTICE! littleton, Colorado

*Consumer Comment… *****ALERT***** If you ‘Google’ this- WHO OWNS THE FED?, and go to the site with the chart of ownership, you can see that Lehman Brothers….

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Aurora Loan Services

10350 park meadows drive
littleton Colorado 80124
United States of America
Phone:  720-945-3000
Web Address:

Category: Mortgage Companies

Submitted: Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Last posting: Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Aurora has sold our home out from underneathus and in secret. This all happened last week. No notice, no opportunity to pay and quit, no notice of sale in paper or anywhere else. Yes, this is illegal- and they did it. We were not even fifteen days late.
Here is the chronology of events:
April 15, 10- call to determine payment as they are putting us on a new program, they have no info, say not to pay yet, to call back on 22nd.
April 22, 10- they say they havent finalized everything, not to pay that they will have all the details for us on 25th and then we can hear about program and pay the new payment April 25, 10- call and they state there is nothing they can do, the house has been sold, they have no information for us. We call and attorney, they say that we must get info from Aurora as no deed has changed.
April 30, 10- sales agent shows up representing new owner (AURORA IS THE NEW OWNER) and gives us a notice to vacate, three days notice
May 2, 10- Deed changes to aurora as owners as of April 30, 2010 with an expedited process due to “negligent clients”


They foreclosed our home and sold it to themselves, it looks like they are doing this right now across the country illegally, likley in order to benefit from a loophole in the Obama plan. The higher your debt to value ratio the better they can come out. If you owe 525k and they have your home reappraised at say 250k they can make out the difference in the Obama plan from Gov. They did to us last week without us knowing and we think that this is part of the scam, along with all of the extraneous fees they are attaching along the way.

We have sought council but will cost us a huge amount and will have to claim bankruptcy , does this ring true for others? Please let me know as soon as possible.

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